Stitches Be Crazy

27 Jan

Lining is the bane of my existence.  I just have to be honest and say that.  It bunches and distorts and adds cutting time and expense to a project, I friggin’ hate it.  I take every shortcut necessary when making something, and usually this means skipping the lining portion and doing facing instead.  But the problem is, facings may be simpler and quicker to do, but they are just as stupid looking, if not WORSE when finished.  Or at least, when *I* finish them.  That is one of the major problems with my coral dress (one of the MANY major problems), the finish on the neckline and straps is atrocious.  See pictures below for the hand stitched hem and icky facing on my finished coral dress that I’m probably-never-going-to-wear-because-of-all-of-the-stupid-things-that-I-don’t-like-about-it-but-find-it-too-time-consuming-to-change.  Phewph. 

Maybe I’ll take a class on facings and linings someday, or maybe I’ll just stick to making outfits that only require bias tape finishes, or handy elastic finishes like my new pink “bikimi” that I’m making for our trip in Feb.  This bikimi is risky on SEW many levels.  Number One, IT’S HOT NEON PINK.  Scandalous.  Number Two, it was $22 a meter.  Number Three, it’s my first bathing suit, and I’m making it without a pattern, on $22-a-meter fabric.  Oh, and I forgot to by bathing suit lining, so in an effort to save time (but certainly not money), I just lined it with itself… a wonderful use of expensive hot pink fabric if you ask me. 

For making this without a pattern, on my first try with bathing suit material and finishes, it is going relatively smoothly.  I LOVE THE ELASTIC FINISH.  Holy sweet baby Jesus it was SO fulfilling to sew this kind of hem.  I see many bathing suits in my future, for this reason alone.

I’ve had a test run with one finished piece held up to my bewb, and it does look kinda wonky, but livable (I have low bathing suit standards).  It’s not going to win awards by any means– it has its weird puckers and pouches, and I definitely know where I will improve next time around, but it’s still wearable, and if that’s all it is and all it will ever be, I’m okay with that.

It fit better before I put the gathers in.  I have NO idea why.  It will bug me until the END OF TIME.  Or until I test it out again.  Stay chuned for the finished product.  Or not… whatever.

One Response to “Stitches Be Crazy”

  1. Lindsay February 9, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    LOL – Kim, you kill me! I love your writing! haha I love this bathing suit!! It’s a great colour and you know what, lots of ppl have “tanning only” bathing suits that they don’t swim with…so maybe you just use this one for that if it doesn’t hold up to water…either way, it looks awesome and WAY WAY WAY better than anything I could attempt, lol.

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